Reporting Test Results

Water Quality SpecialistReporting of test results at Northeast Environmental Laboratory, Inc. (NEL, Inc.) is managed by our custom-made database-driven LIMS ensuring consistency, accuracy, and reliability. The database follows each sample to be analyzed from the moment it enters the lab until the final report is issued. The database procedure ensures that all quality control and quality assurance requirements set out by the regulatory body that governs each type of analysis is strictly followed.

The database tracks all components of the analysis for assembling the final report. The final reports include the laboratory data collected during the analysis, all chain-of-custody forms accompanying the samples, and to help customers understand the scientific data, plain language comments are often added to the reports. When some tests in a series are performed by other labs those reports are obtained and included with the NEL, Inc. reports.

Final reports can be provided either in hard copy or via e-mail in PDF format, if preferred. In general, e-mailed reports can be obtained sooner than hard copy reports.

Reports are generally completed within 10 days of the analysis but can be completed earlier if necessary. Be sure to make any turnaround requirements known when you drop off your samples. Preliminary reports can sometimes be obtained upon request. If you have special requirements for reporting please contact the lab.