Once you’ve scheduled your testing, the next step is collecting a sample of your water to give to the lab. Collecting a water sample is easy but it takes a little bit of thought beforehand. The container you use may need to be sterile or prepared specifically for the test you need. For best results, contact the lab for sampling instructions or for a sample kit. Follow the simple sampling instructions provided for you in the sample kit. There are instructions specific to each type of test.

Delivering Water Samples

After you collect your samples, keep them cold and transport them to the laboratory in a cooler with ice packs as soon as possible. Contact the lab before coming to be sure you have everything you need for the analysis.
You have a few options for transporting your water samples to the lab for testing. You can drop off your water samples at the lab in Danvers, MA, send them by USPS or by courier (depending on holding times for your tests), or you can contact us to pick them up for you.

Sample Drop Off Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:00am to 4:30pm and Friday 7:00am to 2:00pm without an appointment. If you need to drop off samples outside of those hours please call the lab to schedule.

Important Note: Regardless of the transportation method you choose, the water samples must be taken just prior to being received at the lab as holding times are often very short. Be sure to store your water sample in a cooler with ice packs until it reaches the lab.

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