Northeast Environmental Laboratory, Inc. (NEL, Inc.) provides analysis of water, wastewater, soil, sludge, food, etc. for applications including:

Regulatory ComplianceStormwater Monitoring
Permitting and Compliance MonitoringGroundwater Monitoring
Chemical QA/QC and Data ValidationResearch and Development
Waste CharacterizationTreatment System Monitoring

Below is a list of analyses commonly conducted at NEL, Inc. Our capabilities extend well beyond this list, if you do not see the analysis you need please contact us!

Wet ChemistrySulfate P, NPhosphorus, TotalVolatile Solids
Sulfide SOrthophosphate-P NVolatile Dissolved Solids
Acidity (as CaCO3)Sulfite S
Alkalinity, Total (as CaCO3) P, NMicrobiologyElectroplating
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) NMetals & Metalloids
Bicarbonate (as CaCO3)Coliform, Total P, NAcids
Calcium Hardness (as CaCO3)Aluminum N, SE. coli P, NCarbonates
Carbonate (as CaCO3)Antimony P, N, SEnterococci P, NCleaners
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) N, SArsenic P, NFecal Coliform P, NCyanides
Chloramine SBarium P, N, SHPC PHydroxides
Chlorine DioxideBeryllium P, NListeria SRochelle Salts
Chlorine, FreeBoronPseudomonas SSaccharine
Chlorine, TotalCadmium P, NSalmonella SAnd more, just ask!
ColorCalcium P, N
Cyanide, Total P, N, SChromium P, NOrganic CompoundsOther
Dissolved OxygenChromium, Hexavalent
Hardness (CaCO3) NCobalt NChlorinated Herbicides P, SAsbestos Fibers P, S
Hydroxide (as CaCO3)Copper P, NChlorinated Pesticides P, SFlash Point S
OdorGoldFormaldehyde SPaint Filter Liquids Test S
Oil & Grease N, SIron NHAA P, STCLP Arsenic S
pH P, NLead P, NPCBs/Pesticides N, STCLP Barium S
Phenolphthalein AlkalinityLithiumSemivolatiles P, N, STCLP Cadmium S
SedimentMagnesium NSurfactants, MBAS STCLP Chromium S
Silica Treated HEM SManganese NTHM P, STCLP Lead S
Sodium HydroxideMercury P, N, STotal Phenolics N, STCLP MercuryS
Specific Conductivity NMolybdenum N, SVolatile Organics P, N, STCLP SeleniumN
TemperatureNickel P, NTCLP SilverN
TOC SPotassium NRadionuclidesTCLP Semivolatiles S
Turbidity PSelenium P, N, STCLP Volatile Organics S
Silicon SGross Alpha P, SSilicaS
IonsSilver P, NGross Beta P, S
Sodium P, NRadium 226 S
BromideStrontium SRadium 228 S
Chloride NThallium P, N, SRadon S
Fluoride P, STin SUranium P, S
Nitrate-N P, NTitanium S
Nitrite-N PVanadium N, S Solids
Perchlorate P, SZinc N
Total Dissolved Solids P, N
NutrientsSettleable Solids (TSS)
Total Solids
Ammonia-N N, SVolatile Suspended Solids
Nitrogen, Total (TKN) N, S

P: Available with MassDEP certification in potable water N: Available with MassDEP certification in non-potable water
S: Available through a sub-contracting laboratory