Northeast Environmental Laboratory, Inc. (NEL, Inc.) provides analysis of water, wastewater, soil, sludge, food, etc. for applications including:

Regulatory Compliance Stormwater Monitoring
Permitting and Compliance Monitoring Groundwater Monitoring
Chemical QA/QC and Data Validation Research and Development
Waste Characterization Treatment System Monitoring

Below is a list of analyses commonly conducted at NEL, Inc. Our capabilities extend well beyond this list, if you do not see the analysis you need please contact us!

Wet Chemistry Sulfate P, N Phosphorus, Total Volatile Solids
Sulfide S Orthophosphate-P N Volatile Dissolved Solids
Acidity (as CaCO3) Sulfite S
Alkalinity, Total (as CaCO3) P, N Microbiology Electroplating
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) N Metals & Metalloids
Bicarbonate (as CaCO3) Coliform, Total P, N Acids
Calcium Hardness (as CaCO3) Aluminum N, S E. coli P, N Carbonates
Carbonate (as CaCO3) Antimony P, N, S Enterococci P, N Cleaners
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) N, S Arsenic P, N Fecal Coliform P, N Cyanides
Chloramine S Barium P, N, S HPC P Hydroxides
Chlorine Dioxide Beryllium P, N Listeria S Rochelle Salts
Chlorine, Free Boron Pseudomonas S Saccharine
Chlorine, Total Cadmium P, N Salmonella S And more, just ask!
Color Calcium P, N
Cyanide, Total P, N, S Chromium P, N Organic Compounds Other
Dissolved Oxygen Chromium, Hexavalent
Hardness (CaCO3) N Cobalt N Chlorinated Herbicides P, S Asbestos Fibers P, S
Hydroxide (as CaCO3) Copper P, N Chlorinated Pesticides P, S Flash Point S
Odor Gold Formaldehyde S Paint Filter Liquids Test S
Oil & Grease N, S Iron N HAA P, S TCLP Arsenic S
pH P, N Lead P, N PCBs/Pesticides N, S TCLP Barium S
Phenolphthalein Alkalinity Lithium Semivolatiles P, N, S TCLP Cadmium S
Sediment Magnesium N Surfactants, MBAS S TCLP Chromium S
Silica Treated HEM S Manganese N THM P, S TCLP Lead S
Sodium Hydroxide Mercury P, N, S Total Phenolics N, S TCLP MercuryS
Specific Conductivity N Molybdenum N, S Volatile Organics P, N, S TCLP SeleniumN
Temperature Nickel P, N TCLP SilverN
TOC S Potassium N Radionuclides TCLP Semivolatiles S
Turbidity P Selenium P, N, S TCLP Volatile Organics S
Silicon S Gross Alpha P, S SilicaS
Ions Silver P, N Gross Beta P, S
Sodium P, N Radium 226 S
Bromide Strontium S Radium 228 S
Chloride N Thallium P, N, S Radon S
Fluoride P, S Tin S Uranium P, S
Nitrate-N P, N Titanium S
Nitrite-N P Vanadium N, S Solids
Perchlorate P, S Zinc N
Total Dissolved Solids P, N
Nutrients Settleable Solids (TSS)
Total Solids
Ammonia-N N, S Volatile Suspended Solids
Nitrogen, Total (TKN) N, S

P: Available with MassDEP certification in potable water N: Available with MassDEP certification in non-potable water
S: Available through a sub-contracting laboratory