Water Quality SpecialistBefore you test your water, it may interest you to know what could potentially contaminate your water and when you should test your well water.

Whether you know what you want to test for or not, contact the lab and we’ll help!

You can reach us by telephone at (978) 777-4442 or by        e-mail at [email protected], or stop in at the lab in Danvers, MA on 41 Dayton Street to schedule testing, or request a drinking water test kit.

image of clean drinking waterWhen you contact NEL, Inc. to schedule testing, you can also request drinking water test kits. There are test kits for every type of test and they come with the appropriate containers, sampling instructions, information about turnaround times, transporting your samples to the lab, and lab reports.

For more information:

Sample Pickup or Drop Off
EPA Drinking Water Contaminants and Health