Chain of Custody

Water Quality SpecialistTo ensure quality control, Northeast Environmental Laboratory, Inc. (NEL, Inc.) keeps complete and accurate records that trace the possession and handling of samples from the moment of collection through completion of analysis.

Chain-of-custody (COC) forms accompany all samples delivered to the laboratory.
COC forms are initiated at the time of sample collection and signed or initialed by the sample collector(s).

The following information is recorded:

  • sample ID
  • location of source
  • date and time collected
  • date and time received at the lab
  • sample preservation
  • analysis required
  • name of collector
  • pertinent field data

Each time possession of samples is transferred, both the person delivering the sample and the person receiving the sample sign the form and record the date and time on the COC.

The COC forms accompany the samples to the laboratory. When the analysis is completed, the COCs are included with the report.

Sample Chain of Custody

Sample Chain of Custody