Title 5 Sample Collection Instructions

Coliform Bacteria Sampling:

  1. Remove the screen/aerator from the faucet before collecting the sample.
  2. Dry the mouth of the faucet and wipe with alcohol. (If sample must be collected from an outside faucet, first clean with bleach).
  3. Run the cold water for at least two minutes.
  4. Collect a sample in a sterile container, leaving some air space in the container.

Ammonia and Nitrate Sampling:

After coliform bacteria collection fill bottles provided. Ammonia sample will be preserved with sulfuric acid upon receipt at laboratory.

VOC Sampling:

  1. If the water sample is being taken from a faucet, let water run for five minutes before taking sample.
  2. Carefully remove cap from vial and fill slowly until meniscus is above the top of the vial.
  3. Carefully replace the cap and tighten.
  4. Turn vial over and gently tap. Look for air bubbles.
  5. When bubbles are present, remove the cap and add more sample.
  6. Take two samples per source.

*** Caution – Each vial contains acid.  Use eye protection and wear gloves. ***

A final report will be mailed when all tests are completed. Turnaround time is approximately 10 business days.