Collecting Samples for Standard Drinking Water Test Package

The drinking water sample must be collected using sterilized containers. For best results contact the lab to pick up bottles or to have bottles sent to you.

Sampling Guidelines

Please read instructions carefully since failure to follow proper sampling procedure can result in invalid test results.

  • Take the sample from a faucet that you use for drinking and cooking, usually a kitchen faucet.
  • Do not touch or contaminate the inside of the bottle or cap. Open the sample bottle carefully and hold only the outside of the cap.
  • Refrigerate the sample and transport it to the laboratory in a cooler with ice packs within 24 hours. Sample Drop Off Hours: Monday – Thursday 8am-4:30pm.

Sampling Instructions

  1. Remove the screen/aerator from the faucet before collecting the sample.
  2. Dry the mouth of the faucet and wipe with alcohol. ( When sample must be collected from an outside faucet, first clean with bleach).
  3. Run the cold water for at least two minutes.
  4. Collect a sample in a sterile 8-ounce container, leaving some air space in the container.
  5. Collect sample in 1 L plastic bottle provided.
  6. Keep samples cool and transport to the lab within 24 hours.

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