Instrumenation at NELInstrumenation at NEL

Equipment and Instrumentation

Field Equipment

Isco 2910 Composite Samplers
Isco GLS 68295 Samplers
Isco 4230 Bubbler Flow Meters
Isco 3710 Composite Samplers
Isco 3230 Bubbler Flow Meters
Oakton pH5 Acorns
Fisher 1003 Portable pH/mV/Temperature Meters
YSI 54A Dissolved Oxygen /Temperature Meters

Lab Equipment and Instrumentation

Buck Flame AA Spectrophotometer System
Buck Graphite Furnace AA System
Dionex Anion Ion Chromatography System
Dionex Cation Ion Chromatography System
Questron Q-Wave 2000 Microwave Digester
YSI 58 Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Meters
Denver Instruments 250 Analytical Balance
Fisher Accumet 50 pH/mV/Temperature Meters
Fisher 1003 Portable pH/mV/Temperature Meters
Hach DR2000 Spectrophotometers
Hach 2100P Turbidimeter
Blue M WBOA-2C Muffel Furnace
American Optical Forty Binocular Microscope
Labline Orbit 3540 Shaker Water Bath
Environmental Express HotBlock Digestion System
Hanna Alkalinity Titrator and pH Meter
IDEXX Quantitray 2x Sealer
Helliger 611-A Aqua Tester
Precision Scientific STG80 Gravity Convection Oven
Precision Scientific 815 Low Temperature Incubators
Quincy Labs 12-140E 10-180 and 12-180E Incubators
IEC HN Centrifuge
Savant RWC-50UL Refrigerated Recirculator