Capabilities and Certifications


Northeast Environmental Laboratory, Inc. (NEL, Inc.) provides analysis of water, wastewater, soil, sludge, food, etc. for applications including:size=”1.5″>


Regulatory Compliancesize=”1.5″> Stormwater Monitoringsize=”1.5″>
Permitting and Compliance Monitoringsize=”1.5″> Groundwater Monitoringsize=”1.5″>
Chemical QA/QC and Data Validationsize=”1.5″> Research and Developmentsize=”1.5″>
Waste Characterizationsize=”1.5″> Treatment System Monitoringsize=”1.5″>


Below is a list of analyses commonly conducted at NEL, Inc. Our capabilities extend well beyond this list, if you do not see the analysis you need please contact us!size=”1″>


Wet Chemistry Sulfate P, N Phosphorus, Total Volatile Solids
Sulfide S Orthophosphate-P N Volatile Dissolved Solids
Acidity (as CaCO3) Sulfite S
Alkalinity, Total (as CaCO3) P, N Microbiology Electroplating
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) N Metals & Metalloids
Bicarbonate (as CaCO3) Coliform, Total P, N Acids
Calcium Hardness (as CaCO3) Aluminum N, S E. coli P, N Carbonates
Carbonate (as CaCO3) Antimony P, N, S Enterococci P, N Cleaners
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) N, S Arsenic P, N Fecal Coliform P, N Cyanides
Chloramine S Barium P, N, S HPC P Hydroxides
Chlorine Dioxide Beryllium P, N Listeria S Rochelle Salts
Chlorine, Free Boron Pseudomonas S Saccharine
Chlorine, Total Cadmium P, N Salmonella S And more, just ask!
Color Calcium P, N
Cyanide, Total P, N, S Chromium P, N Organic Compounds Other
Dissolved Oxygen Chromium, Hexavalent
Hardness (CaCO3) N Cobalt N Chlorinated Herbicides P, S Asbestos Fibers P, S
Hydroxide (as CaCO3) Copper P, N Chlorinated Pesticides P, S Flash Point S
Odor Gold Formaldehyde S Paint Filter Liquids Test S
Oil & Grease N, S Iron N HAA P, S TCLP Arsenic S
pH P, N Lead P, N PCBs/Pesticides N, S TCLP Barium S
Phenolphthalein Alkalinity Lithium Semivolatiles P, N, S TCLP Cadmium S
Sediment Magnesium N Surfactants, MBAS S TCLP Chromium S
Silica Treated HEM S Manganese N THM P, S TCLP Lead S
Sodium Hydroxide Mercury P, N, S Total Phenolics N, S TCLP MercuryS
Specific Conductivity N Molybdenum N, S Volatile Organics P, N, S TCLP SeleniumN
Temperature Nickel P, N TCLP SilverN
TOC S Potassium N Radionuclides TCLP Semivolatiles S
Turbidity P Selenium P, N, S TCLP Volatile Organics S
Silicon S Gross Alpha P, S SilicaS
Ions Silver P, N Gross Beta P, S
Sodium P, N Radium 226 S
Bromide Strontium S Radium 228 S
Chloride N Thallium P, N, S Radon S
Fluoride P, N Tin S Uranium P, S
Nitrate-N P, N Titanium S
Nitrite-N P Vanadium N, S Solids
Perchlorate P, S Zinc N
Total Dissolved Solids P, N
Nutrients Settleable Solids (TSS)
Total Solids
Ammonia-N N, S Volatile Suspended Solids
Nitrogen, Total (TKN) N, S

P: Available with MassDEP certification in potable water N: Available with MassDEP certification in non-potable water
S: Available through a sub-contracting laboratory



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