Wastewater OutletWastewater Outlet

NEL Equipment Calibration

Each Use

Buck 210 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Hach DR2000 Spectrophotometer


Fisher 1003 Portable pH/mV/Temperature Meter

Fisher Accumet 50 pH/mV/Temperature Meter

YSI 58 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Denver Instruments 250 Analytical Balance

Dionex DX-500 Chromatography System

Quarterly (checked daily)

Hach 2100P Turbidimeter


Precision Scientific STG80 Gravity Convection Oven

Preventive Maintenance


  • Temperature checks are performed for the refrigerator and incubator. Results are logged in the temperature readings notebook.
  • Specific conductance of laboratory deionized water is checked to monitor the performance of the system. Results are logged in the wet chemistry notebook.
  • Class S weights are used to check the analytical balance at 0.1, 100.1, 100, and 0 gm. Results are logged in analytical balance notebook.
  • Analysts perform an informal visual inspection of the instruments prior to commencing analysis. These checks allow personnel to monitor the condition and performance of the equipment.


Economy Laboratory Services inspects and services most of the major pieces of instrumentation in the lab, including pH meters, conductivity meter, turbidimeter, analytical balance, dissolved oxygen/temperature meter, spectrophotometer, and the NIST traceable thermometer. ESP, Inc. inspects ventilation system and performs an informal safety inspection.